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mercredi 1er février 2023, par Florian GRYZKA

Le vendredi 20 janvier, les classes de 3.2 et 3.3 sont partis à la journée à Turin. Ils ont visité une exposition de reproductions de l’artiste britannique Banksy à la gare centrale Porta Nuova le matin et le Planétarium sur les hauteurs de Turin l’après-midi.

Banksy est un artiste d’art urbain qui travaille sous pseudonyme. Son véritable nom et son identité exacte sont inconnus et font toujours l’objet de spéculations. Apparemment britannique et actif depuis les années 1990, il utilise la peinture au pochoir pour faire passer ses messages, qui mêlent souvent politique, humour et poésie. Ses œuvres sont des images humoristiques, parfois combinées à des slogans. Le message est généralement antimilitariste, anticapitaliste ou antisystème et ses personnages sont souvent des rats, des singes, des policiers, des soldats, des enfants, des personnes célèbres ou des personnes âgées. ( Wikipédia)

Zebra stripes
In 2008, Banksy paid a visit to the Malian capital,Timbuktu where he created a mural of a woman handing a zebra’s stripes out to dry. The image was featured in his blockbuster show at the Bristol Museum.
In the fareground, there are a zebra whitout stripes and a woman washing the zebra’s stripes and handing them on a clothesline. There is also a bucket containing the other stripes of the zebra. In the background, we see a destroyed wallat the top and a dirty floorAnyone could look at this piece and see a different message. Is the woman stripping the zebra of its unique feature ? Or is the woman making the zebra see its hidden beauty ? Or is this piece a call to action concerning the droughts that often plague Africa ? Or this reveals that the zebra is not actually a zebra, but a white horse mascararedas a zebra. I like this art work because few people know it that’s what makes the artwork more interesting and each person might have a different interpretation of this piece, which is what makes it so neat. Banksy’s article is still relevont as it can be applied to many topics. It’s timeless like most of Banksy’s street art . I believe the intent behind this piece was to raise awareness about drought.

Pulp fiction, Banksy,2002
Pulp Fiction is a Banksy graffiti that made is first appearence on a wall of London’s Old Street as a manifestation of Urban art in 2002.
Banksy then recreated it as a screen print signed on paper in his workship in 2004. It’s one of the artist’s best know works. It represents the two protagonist of the film Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino, Vincent and Jules, played by Jhon Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in the film, holding bananas instead of their weapons.
They are represented in the one of the most iconic scenes of the film, but, the violence of their gesture is hijacked by bananas that give an ironic and humorous side to the image.
I like this work because it turns violence into humor and also because the colours chosen are interesting,while the characters are in black and white, the bananas are in color what put them in focus.

« Sweep it under the carpet » appeared in 2006 in the Chalk Farm Road, a street in London. The drawing denounces 2 things : the inequalities between men and women and the lies of governments. You can see a cleaning lady with a broom and a dustpan. She’s hiding dust under the wall like we usually do under a carpet…. I think it’s a good idea because in the world there are inequalities, women are less paid than men and have less opportunities to find interesting jobs.
Banksy suspect the government to hide all the truth from normal people.
I like it because it’s an optical illusion and it’s realistic.

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